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CPM Machines For Rent

Putting your post surgical body in motion


  • Rent with Cash

    You can rent your CPM Machine online or call us and we can process it over the phone. Call us 855.276.2500.

  • Rent with Insurance

    Some health insurance companies will pay for your CPM Machine rental. Call us so we can check on your benefits.

  • Rent with Medicare

    Medicare will cover your CPM Machine rental for 21 days -- but they have strict guidelines we have to follow.


What We Do

Our company rents CPM machines for your in-home postoperative knee rehabilitation. 

CPM machines are most often prescribed following a Total Knee Replacement, ACL or Cartilage repair to help restore range of motion, help reduce swelling and prevent scar tissue build up.

Call us today so we can get you started. If your health insurance will not cover the rental, we offer affordable cash discounts. We ship the CPM machine to your home and back to us for free. When you are done, just return it to us in the same box. It's that simple!



  • Call us Today

    Call us so we can set up your account and get your health insurance information. Some insurance companies will pay for CPM Machine rental. 

  • Free Shipping

    We ship the CPM Machine directly to your house and send you a pre-paid return shipping label. 

  • Return it

    After you are finished using the CPM Machine, just return it in the same box it came in. We will provide you with a pre-paid return label.



Reserve your CPM machine

If you know your surgery date and would like to plan ahead, we'll have your CPM machine waiting for you when you get home -- you can reserve it here!



Do I need a prescription to rent a CPM machine?

Yes. You will need a prescription if you are renting a CPM machine. Your doctor knows your specific situation and condition better than we do. CPM Machines LLC. makes this process smooth and simple. We get this information for you, so you can focus on your recovery.

How much does it cost to rent a CPM Machine?

Our cash pay price starts out at $425 for a 3 week knee CPM rental. Each week after that is $100. So, for a 4 week rental, it would be $525, so on and so forth. Specialty CPMs are just $775 for a 3 week rental and the same rule applies for additional time, only $100 for an extra week!

We always offer free ground shipping and include an instructional packet and setup videos with each rental.

Our cash price fees will differ from our insurance price, and that is based on the time and effort it takes to collect from your insurance. All fees are based on your plans benefits, allowable, deductibles and out of pocket maximums as well as prior authorizations. Please talk to our billing representative if you would like to see if your insurance covers a CPM Machine Rental.

Is it difficult to set up the CPM Machine in my home?

No, it's very simple. We will ship the CPM Machine to you in a box. All you will need to do is remove it from the box, plug it in to an outlet and turn it on. You set the range of motion and speed and can start or stop it with the hand remote.
Some people like to have it on a sofa or on the ground near the television since you will spend hours with your leg in the machine.

We include a user guide with each rental and our website has easy to understand instructional videos under "How To". These videos will also be emailed to you after your order is complete.

If you still have a questions,  you can call us at 855.276.2500 or email and a representative will walk you through it over the phone/Skype, Zoom or Facetime.

Why do you ask for a credit card over the phone?

We require a credit card for two reasons. The first reason is to pay for the rental if you are choosing to pay privately without opting into using your health insurance. The second reason is to hold a "security deposit" -- even if we are billing your health insurance or you rent privately, we want to ensure our equipment is returned to us. The equipment is expensive and if it isnt returned, or is returned damaged then we have some way to hold liability.

Does health insurance cover the cost of my CPM Machine rental?

It really depends on your health insurance. We will call your insurance, verify your benefits, find out if a CPM Machine is covered, obtain any prior authorizations, etc. Billing your health insurance however does not guarante payment. If your health insurance company denies your claim, we will do all we can to appeal on your behalf. If your health insurance applies any amount to your deductible/coinsurance -- it will be your financial responsibility.

We do however offer discounted private pay options. If you are interested in finding out more. You may call us at 855.276.2500 or texting us at 385.743.9870.

What if I need my CPM Machine tomorrow?

Our standard free shipping covers ground only. This usually ships within 3 to 5 days. There is always the option of overnight shipment, but that would be at a cost to you. We are happy to discuss those options over the phone as it is based on where you live. We are willing to work with you. Call us today.

Will Medicare pay for my CPM rental?

Yes, Medicare will pay for CPM rentals -- but they have strict requirements. For example, they will only pay for a Total Knee Replacement (not a partial knee replacement). They require that you are on the CPM machine within 48 hours of your surgery and then they will only pay for 21 days. On top of this, Medicare requires you pay a deductible and a co-insurance payment depending on what Plan you have.

Maintain your Range of Motion (ROM) with a CPM machine