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  • Rechargeable battery pack.

  • Universal left/right design enables use for either wrist.

  • Comfortable, lightweight construction means you can wear the W2 Wrist CPM machine for an extended period of time.

  • Lightweight, portable design allows for treatment almost anywhere.

The W2 Portable Wrist Continuous Passive Motion (CPM) machine is designed to deliver maximum mobility to the wrist joint in flexion/extension and ulnar/radial deviation, or a combination of both. Treatment is enhanced by its anatomical free-linkage design to help prevent compression and distraction of the radiocarpal joint. Lightweight construction and comfortable soft goods allow the W2 to be worn for extended periods of time, both in the hospital or at home. The W2s universal left/right design allows it to be used with either hand.  The pricing is all-inclusive. When you receive the W2 Portable Wrist CPM machine, call for your free setup help, fitting and, orientation. We will walk you through how to use the machine so you can get the most out of your rental and get on your way to recovery.


  • Adjustable range of motion and force settings

  • Brisk rate of motion so more cycles per session

  • Rechargeable battery pack for portability

  • Reverse on load safety feature

  • Weight: 5lbs

  • Range of Motion: Flexion: 0° - 90°

  • Range of Motion: Extension: 0° - 90°

  • Range of Motion: Ulnar/Radial Deviation:  Up to 90°

  • Universal left/right design

  • Free ground shipping included

  • Easy-to-follow instructional DVD and clear written instructions

  • Pre-installed, ultra-comfortable pad kit

  • Toll free 24-hour phone support from experienced technicians

  • Return shipping label included

*This product requires a prescription from your doctor.

Need help obtaining your prescription?  Please reach out to one of our skilled representatives to assist you 855.276.2500